Welcome to Karen Hazel. The jewellery is designed and handmade in the UK. We also sell a limited number of  individual art beads for the home designer. PYOG supplier.



One Of A Kind (OOAK) items on this site are availble for immediate shipping and the images are of the exact items you are buying. The stock system shows the item as sold when a customer buys it.

Beads and jewellery 

The lampwork beads, sometimes referred to as Art beads, are made by myself. I like to use four colours each torch session. I mix and create new shades and colours from the basic glass colours.

Each bead is kiln annealed direct from the flame. The following day when the beads have cooled they are cleaned. Some of the beads are chosen to be made into jewellery and some are sold as loose beads  The time spent putting together the jewellery piece depends on the complexity of the wirework involved and can be a morning or 2 to 3 days work.  A single necklace takes 3 to 5 days to make.

My inspiration for the jewellery designs are from the world around me; nature and the changing seasons. 

Paint Your Own Glass - PYOG

I sell PYOG items for the home hobbist and wholesale to PYOG studios who do not wish to be encumbered with the costs of fusing glass.